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Have you ever wondered what kind of madness lurks in the Dark Web? I share what some sources say you can's not pretty.

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In this two part edition I explore the under belly of the internet called the Deep Web that so few people are aware that exist.

During this edition I share frightening accounts of doppelgängers witnessed by prominent people in history and the deadly consequences. 

Edition 3 - Vile Minds

In this edition I tell you about serial killers and how extremely disturbing their minds really are. These are true accounts of their crimes and the unnerving things they said to investigators about their actions.

Edition 2 - Disturbing Exchanges - Part 2

In part 2 of this edition I share more stories on the sinister things children have said to their parents. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and don't forget to rate and review the show.

Edition 1 - Disturbing Exchanges - Part 1

Welcome to the first edition of The X Podcast. Tonight, I share true accounts of terrifying things that children have said to their babysitters. Please SUBSCRIBE and rate/review on iTunes.

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